Mid Trent Critical Care Network

Deceased Donation CAL Package

Computer Assisted Learning PackageThis Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) package was produced by Eleanor Kissin as part of her BMedSci project at Nottingham University Medical School, with the support and oversight of the following Nottingham University Hospitals health professionals: Dr Megan Smith (Paediatric Intensive Care Consultant), Dr Dale Gardiner (Clinical Lead for Organ Donation) and Miss Charmaine Buss (Specialist Nurse for Organ Donation). This CAL package has been endorsed by the East Midlands Regional Collaborative for Deceased Donation.
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Neither the Mid Trent Critical Care Network nor the authors accept any responsibility for any loss of or damage arising from actions or decisions based on the information contained within this Computer Assisted Learning Package.  Ultimate responsibility for the treatment of patients and interpretation of this package lies with the health care professional.  The opinions expressed are those of the authors.
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